Hello !

My name is Jérémie Claeys. Originally from Belgium, I now live and work as a freelance illustrator in Paris. 
I believe art is the highest form of communication. That’s why I’m an illustrator. I want to communicate ideas and concepts with pictures. I've worked with a range of clients going from press to corporate and book publishing companies. But what I'm mostly interested in is editorial work.

In 2017, I was one of Andy J. Pizza's 10 MFBA students. It was great ! Later that year, inspired by Brené Brown’s book, I started writing and illustrating my own articles on the topic of vulnerability. The project was called Daring Greatly and people could read it on my blog and social media. A few months later, I decided to carry on with this project, so I made it a bit more official. I called it The Illustration Book Club. Welcome to my world.

+33(0)6 37 31 66 52

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