Hello !

My name is Jérémie Claeys. Originally from Belgium, I now live and work as a freelance illustrator in Paris. 
I believe art is the highest form of communication. That’s why I’m an illustrator. I want to communicate ideas and concepts with pictures. I've worked with a range of clients going from press to corporate and book publishing companies. But what I'm mostly interested in is editorial work.

In 2017, I was one of Andy J. Pizza's 10 MFBA students. It was great ! Later that year, inspired by Brené Brown’s book, I started writing and illustrating my own articles on the topic of vulnerability. The project was called Daring Greatly and people could read it on my blog and social media. A few months later, I decided to carry on with this project, so I made it a bit more official. I called it The Illustration Book Club. Welcome to my world.

+33(0)6 37 31 66 52

XXI, Télérama, De Morgen, Causette, Le Particulier, La Revue du Portrait, Georges, Flammarion, My Little Paris, Mind, Merci Alfred, Heineken, YCN, The Culture Trip, Agence Novembre, Le Petit Ballon, Unesco, Le ministère de la culture, The British Council, Freyssinet, Bayard Presse, Milan Presse

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